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About Clinical Massage

Clinical Massage Therapy is better described as "Specific Bodywork for Specific Pain and Dysfunction.

Listed below are some symptoms that which left untreated could become the cause of more serious problems:

Any chronic muscle or joint pain

A known condition of referred pain such as; "when my neck
gets stiff, I get a headache"

Any recurring symptoms that seem to accompany or are
precipitated by muscle tightness

Tight muscles that are limiting the mobility of  a joint

Chronically fatigued muscles

Low energy level, especially when accompanied by
muscle aches and pains

A recent muscle injury that generates pain or dysfunction
in areas not seemingly involved in the injury

Any visceral (gut/internal organ) dysfunction that tests
negative for conventional causes

Muscle pain that recurs in an area with no apparent
new cause

A tendency for pain to spread to other muscles whenever
a simple strain or injury occurs

This type of bodywork is not "massage" in the traditional sense, it focuses on the symptom that you are suffering from and also on locating and treating the cause of that symptom if it is in a different area of the body.  (The above list of symptoms was prepared for Pat Martell by Earle Timberlake B.S.C. the creator and instructor of the Clinical Massage Therapy training program.)
















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