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About Viscera Manipulation

The term "viscera"  refers to your body's inner organs such as the stomach, the gall bladder, and the liver.

You may not know it but, these organs move continually.  They also actually have a rhythm of their own.  For instance; if your intestines didn't have a natural rhythm, they couldn't move the food along during the digestive process.

They also move every time you walk, run, stretch, etc. 

Now, imagine them not being able to move, think of how that could restrict your ablity to perform normal daily tasks that you take for granted.  Tasks like reaching over your head, bending to tie your shoes, or participating in your favorite sport.

Visceral Manipulation is a gentle "hands on therapy" that uses techniques developed by Jean-Pierre Barral DO, The therapy addresses and corrects  restrictions of the internal organs thus allowing the body's own self-correcting mechanisms to take over and restore its natural equilibrium.

If you have some sort of nagging restriction, ache or pain that seems to be defying standard treatments, call this office and make and appointment in order to get back on the road to optimum health.

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